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"To Raise the Bar in Fitness, Wellness, and Water."

Our Story

 Locally owned.


BARRE as a Lifestyle


Barre is one of the most popular workouts around. Barre classes attract individuals  who want to develop the lean muscle tone of a ballerina. Supposed benefits include: improved strength, posture, flexibility, balance, stability, endurance, and muscle definition, together with weight loss and reduced stress. 

The exercises target muscles that support and stabilise the body and which are often neglected in everyday life by other forms of exercise. Beyond purely physical goals, barre develops control and a particular aesthetic appeal.

Meet the Owner


Rachel is Southern Louisiana born and raised, former American All Star Dancer, and Entrepreneuer. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University and started her career in Pharmaceutical Sales. Although she learned to love selling and closing deals, her passion is found in helping others become their best selves through promoting wellness. 

As a Certified Barre Fitness Instructor and Hydration Specialist, Rachel is eager to help individuals sculpt, burn, and tone their bodies and educate consumers on the healthiest way to hydrate, for optimum results.

Reasons to Choose Water Barre

Wellness starts from within... 


We are an exclusive retailer of premium, active-hydrogen water to the State Capitol of Louisiana. Visit our studio inside of GymFit Community Center and learn about our competitively priced monthly memberships or sophisticated water ionization technology,  perfect for enhancing any home or business. We sell fresh, premium refills in store. Additionally, our owner is dilligently working on a Barre Fintess program which will be coming soon! Some of the many benefits to incorporate barre fitness into your daily regimen are listed below: 

Suitable for All

People of any age and fitness level can experience the benefits of Barre exercise.

Targets Various Muscles

Barre exercise workouts are highly efficient, with every move targeting multiple muscle groups so you will tone your muscles quickly.

Improves Flexibility

Barre workouts include a variety of stretches that elongate the muscles and ultimately improve flexibility.

Enhanced Neuromuscular Connection

Barre workouts require that you focus your thoughts on your movements, which promotes inner harmony and strengthens the neuromuscular (mind-body) connection.